Monday, September 29, 2014

Changing direction for the time being.

It is sometimes necessary to reflect and then begin to consider new areas to pursue.  I have long felt there is very little out there for older women.  What do you consider older?, you might ask.  For me older begins at 50 and rapidly progresses to 60, 70, 80 and beyond.   
This may seem to be extreme to my nieces, who have already passed the threshold but for me, it only seems to get better with each year that passes.  I was very unhappy as a child and cried rivers over things I barely remember now.  As a teen I was extremely miserable because I wasn't popular, didn't have a boyfriend, never went to a prom, and all the other foolishness my peers enjoyed in abundance.  As soon as I left home for college the clouds lifted and I began to be me.  The freedom to reinvent myself made me the happiest I had ever been.  Moving to New York City when I was 18 gave me the final thrust into the unknown and new adventures. 
Each decade since then has brought it's own trials and triumphs.
I am absolutely enjoying my old age and again each decade brings it own satisfactions and sadness's.
My intention for this new focus in my blog is to help you understand some of the challenges and new directions one must take, perhaps unwillingly, as one either gets older or dies.  It is one or the other my friends so we may as well enjoy the journey.
I hope that many of you will join my circle of friends and sign up for G+.  It is really quite painless and you can adopt a fake name if you so desire, but I would very much like to hear your comments and point of view on this subject.
The first subject I would like to address is the lack of information, media( social or otherwise), reality shows, etc. available for older women. 
The Golden Girls is the only TV show I can think of for older women.  It is enjoying a long life on reruns but really, we can do better.  There are no fashion or household magazines dedicated to older women. "More"  tried to make a weak attempt but it just doesn't cut it.  We are beginning to see a few older female actors in Movies, but damn it they look so young.  What about Margaret Rutherford or her kind?  It would certainly be more realistic to show older women as they really are rather than the cougars the magazines seem to favor.  AARP is interesting, but again it profiles the youngest among the old and is specific to money, insurance, etc.  Except for geriatric catalogues there isn't much else relevant to my present life to read.  
I am going to end here to see what kind of feedback this blog generates.  If you want it and don't want to sign up for Google +, just like the announcement on Facebook or email me.    Since I don't have much time left, generally speaking, I need some direction now.