Monday, February 20, 2017

Pre-apocalyptic World ?

I am tired of the pre-apocalyptic messages we keep getting from all sides. ( The Christian right and ultra right extremists are happy.)  I think, they think,  Trump and his minions were chosen by God to bring about the end of the world.  If Trump kicks out and breaks up immigrant families who have made the US their home for many years,  and if he ends our trade agreements,  this will be a step towards massive economic chaos.  If he ends our environmental protection regulations and regulatory laws our whole country will decline.  If he succeeds in silencing our free press we will never find out about the collisions and atrocities which are being committed. If our Education system becomes private Lord only knows what will be taught.  It could be like the Muslim extremist schools where children are indoctrinated with hatred to others,  repeating and memorizing endless passages of the Koran.  If he turns off our European allies and gets into secret agreements with Russia he could bring our alliances abroad to an end.  If racist advisers gets their way Jews, Muslims, Blacks, racist whites, Hispanics and Asians will be pitted against one another and all our social services and social institutions will breakdown and divide against each other.  Groups will be forced to grasp for private funds to help their own particular interests and forget about working together for the common good. Terrorists will reek havoc against our divided fronts.  Brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor, city against city, state against state, country against country. Internal and external war of all against all, each trying to protect their own interests.
Oh, I could go on and on listing scenarios for division and duplicity which could be brought about by Trump and both his conscious and his unconscious allies, but I am tired of thinking about all this. Day after day the news gets worse in a never ending cycle of division and mayhem.  Like the Allstate commercials on Mayhem we seem unprepared to fight these things in a cohesive way.  We are being attacked on too many fronts and people are picking and choosing their battles and causes.  More and more fracturing of our American ideals broken into special interest groups.
I know Evils way is to divide us against one another and cause massive self interest and civil destruction.  The ending of the world as we know it.  The Evil one has plenty to work with.  Start a small fire here and there and soon the whole forest is ablaze.  How long will it take?  Can men and women of good will towards each other stop it.  From the apocalyptic view, at the end Jesus comes to the rescue and divides the saved from the heathen and all is well.
In real life, here on earth, no one wins.  The beautiful animal and plant world will be destroyed as well as both good and evil peoples.  Our fragile little planet will go on but it will be thousands or even millions of years before the toxic elements will be absorbed and new creatures perhaps unlike any we have ever known will begin to form from the deb re.  Will it be a better or worse planet, no one knows?  The kingdom of heaven is not here on our little planet.  It is deep within each of us if we search for and find it.  In the meantime Evil and Good forces swirl outside of us and it is up to each of us to decide which we choose to embrace. Our exterior world reveals our own internal battles.  Like a body with cancer on the inside is more and more eaten up with disease, our external body reveals the destruction by a pale, rotting exterior often with emotions to match.  Revelations happen within each of us.  The ancient Bible story is true only for each individual as his soul and heart are examined  It is our private battle to be redeemed or not.  We should not try to project this battle outside of ourselves to innocent bystanders: human, animal or plant.
A beautiful, harmonious earth can work for all of us.  Let us each search our self and come to terms with our own internal heaven and hell.  Leave the planet alone from our private religious battles and let the rule of order, law, nature, beauty, truth and justice prevail, however far from the ideals they might wander.