Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It Is NewYears Eve!!

As 2013 closes so do many things I have worried about through the year.  As always most of the things I worried about most never happened.  What does happen is unexpected, unanticipated, and mostly not even considered as a possibility for worrying. 
All year I worried about my sister-in-law, Padma.  I worried about how we would cope with her health when Bramara came here for Priya's wedding. 
Instead Padma is fine and happy in a clinic in Bangalore and Bramara has twice been hospitalized for serious illness, immediately following the wedding.
I worried myself sick about the Government closing and how innocent people would be effected.  Well, the Government closed and then reopened and life went on with no major disasters. 
I worried that the affordable health care act would be repealed as the Republicans were so adamant.  It wasn't, but the health care site crashed instead.  It is finally up and running and over 1 million people have already signed up. 
I worried and prayed so hard for ill people in my church and community.  Well, some got better, some died, and surprisingly people moved on.   
I worried and hoped that assault weapons would be banned and gun sales would include mandatory back ground checks. This didn't happen and the killings go on and on.  My worrying didn't stop a single death.
I worried about the people impacted by fires, tornado's, hurricanes and earthquakes and super typhoons. My worry and concern not only didn't effect any of the situations but it did in effect separate me from several of my friends.  Not everyone gets as upset as I do over massive loss of lives and ensuing hardship and poverty.
I worried about a lot of other things too, like Srini, Angie, my family and my friends. Stuff happened to all of them yet most are still here to celebrate the New Year 2014.

My resolution, I hope most I can keep, is to worry less and enjoy the relationships I have now, more.
Everything passes and memories fade.  All we each have now are each other and we are all better if we can hold to the present and not worry about the future.

Friday, December 27, 2013

It is what it is

It has been too long my friends.  I bet you got tired of waiting for me.  I find I need time for reflection to write and my muse goes on hiatus when I become too stressed.
" It is what it is."  Don't you just love that phrase.  It means nothing more or nothing less, simply what it is.  No artifice, no hidden agendas.  No lies or reconstructions or revisionist history.  Nothing added, nothing taken away.  Simple "is" ness.  Like "I am" or I am what I am.  Nothing added, nothing taken away. 
"Things are seldom what they seem, skim milk masquerades as cream" This line from the H.M.S. Pinafore by Gilbert and Sullivan, teaches the opposite of  " It is what it is." Everything that is, can be taken literally but also can be multi faceted.  A shattered mirror still reflects reality.
The Great PooBah too, is, the opposite of what she seems.  How can both be true?  She is what she is but she is the opposite of what she seems.  This my friends is known as alternative realities or inside out.  She is what she is but much of what you see and hear is illusory.  One and many, singleness and multiplicity.  We can look at the whole or it's many parts but each part contains some of the reality of the whole.  A segment of an orange, contains part of the identity of the whole orange.  As does the peel when we shred some to flavor frosting or cakes. The identity of the orange or it's orangeness is not lost in separation from the whole. 
In much the same way a human being moves through life sharing parts of it's essence with others but never really giving away it's identity.  We are what we are and it is what it is, but who can identify the truth in multiplicity. 
We can separate parts of our identity and indeed many of us are fragmented into what seems to be different personalities with different people.  You cannot step into the same river twice and no two people see or experience the river the same.  Each individual has so many facets to his or her personality. The more complex the individual the more can remain hidden or unseen.  One cannot be blamed but can surely can be misunderstood, as different people bring out different parts of their identity; depending on whom they are with.  And you thought all the mysteries were in detective novels.  Well, we are each detectives searching for true reality in each of the people we meet.  What appears to be true to us can be a  very different experience to another person.  We are all challenged to peer below the surface of our own illusions and the illusions of others to search out a true picture of reality. 
The lesson is don't be too simplistic.  It isn't always what it is, or who they are.  There are many wonderful and exciting layers to existence and it may be our job to discern these layers and seek out what truly is and is permanent. OR NOT!!!!