Saturday, January 31, 2015

An irreverent and perhaps irrelevant, formation of a new religious

I am starting my own religion.  I shall call it the Religion of All for All.  It has always existed and always will, for God is Eternal and Infinite.  Always Was, Is and Will be and never was not
No thing doesn't exist and could not exist because existence implies being and being is inherent to itself.  So here it is, all in all.
It is a religion inclusive of all creation.  Unfortunately there are those will not choose to participate in our fellowship.  Those individuals and groups are ones who have either exclusive, or no beliefs, or those whom through nature or nurture are incapable of recognizing the beauty and majesty of creation.  These creatures choose to go it alone and spurn the laws and principles of the goodness and fellowship of all living beings.
In our religion we know that all things or beings are conscious to some greater or lesser degree.  The principles will be explained in great detail later in the religious publications but for now little explanation is called for. We also know that all life is incredibly valuable. We know this because we have eyes to see and ears to hear and bodies which feel pain and minds which experience even more pain. Self exclusion from the church occurs because of conscious or unconscious choice not to accept our laws and principles.
If one chooses because of whatever rational, to deliberately and mercilessly harm or kill another with no compassion or regret, then they have self-excluded from our religion.
Murderers, rapists, child molesters, merciless farmers and slaughter houses, corrupt politicians, child, animal or human abusers; and others who choose to exclude themselves because they do not accept the inclusiveness of All for All.
There is only one creator God, there are many gods humans create out of their hopes, desires, and dreams. The gods of the great and known religions who exclude their fellow creatures from inclusions and rites in their churches are self-excluded.  Yes,  there are many men and women touched by God who express to the best of their abilities, truths and insights they feel God has imparted to them. How many are Truly Touched in this way instead of just being touched., we may never know.  There are enough examples of false prophets that we must always be leery of ones who exclaim the exclusive truth  and then exclude others from their fold.  We must also accept those who are sincere and seeking and feel they have found another religion which more expresses their beliefs.  There is noting to my mind which excludes a sincere individual who intends no harm.  However, and this is a big one: those who exclude other races and cultures, gays, lesbians, transgender, and even buy and try sexual; those who exclude other political groups, religious groups; or even cattle ranchers who exclude sheep ranchers instead of sharing the land, are all self-exclude-rs.
I know what I am explaining here can be very confusing. In short, the Laws are simple and mostly self explanatory.

1.  Love the Creator God with all your heart and Soul

2.  If you do not know God or believe in God, love the universe and all it's creatures and beings.  God really doesn't mind if you do not give him the credit.  Being is too big for all that.

3.  Love your neighbor, if possible, more than yourself, ' cause we do not all love ourselves as we should.'

4.  Be gentle and forgiving of yourself and others.  We are all in this together and no one makes it out alive.

5.  Share the abundance you have received with others and try not to hold onto anything too dearly because it will all pass away eventually.

6.  Nothing (no thing) truly belongs to any one of us but truly, everything belongs to all.  It is given freely and taken back again, over and over. ( Those who think they possess the land or a thing or even an idea,) can only learn, if they dig deep enough, that every thing has been held before by civilizations and beings in the past.)

7.  One cannot possess an animal or another human being.  We enter into a covenant relationship with all creatures we think we possess. Neither their minds or persons belong to anyone and they are taken from us mostly with no notice.

8.  Believe in Angels, Fairy's, Monsters and Myths because all are in some sense real.

9." There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy"

10. Do not be deliberately cruel to any other creature living or dead. Desecration of the dead is frowned on, mostly because it desecrates ones own soul.

11.  Soul is eternal, as is life .

12.  Do not exclude anyone or thing even if it self-excludes.  Hope springs eternal that realization and recognition of folly, is both possible and necessary for growth in any individual.