Thursday, August 22, 2013

So I'm trying to be optimistic again

O.K. I just gotta do this even if it is short.  It is like meditation or exercise, you must be consistent or it is no good.  I did practically nothing today but I did read the great article Nick posted from  I can't keep thinking about the article.  I cannot say anything better and the guy really made me think.  It seems like a long time ago when I thought like that.  I have really become a pessimist and for no good reason as nothing bad has happened to me personally.. 
I think it all really began with our invasion of Iraq and finding the later truth of no nuclear weapons.  I watched our "shock and awe" and listened to our embedded reporters and thought we were doing a good thing to get rid of Saddam.  I was thrilled when his statue was pulled down and I really believed we were ridding the area of a tyrant.
Then slowly the war went on, the truth came out, our killed and wounded kept coming home in body bags and stretchers; and what did we gain but unending war and bad world press?  I stopped being optimistic about our country or believing anyone in power. We missed our chance to get Bin La din on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border,  then came the great recession in 2007.  It just kept going on and on from there.  Friends and family lost jobs, homelessness and poverty grew, civil rights were challenged and voter suppression began in ernest.  My most cherished hopes for a better life for all of our citizens were being eroded.  I became more and more depressed, sarcastic and negative about our congress and local and state govt.
I became a member of the opposite of a tea bagger.  I became an old cracked coffee potter.  No relative of Harry. 
Anyhoo, the cracked .com" 7 reasons the news looks worse....." gave me a new lease on optimism.  I can't deny my frustrations but perhaps I can balance them more objectively and remember it is out of my hands anyway.  History will judge, not I.  And I loved the embedded cat video