Monday, October 14, 2013

As schedualed-Pets...

I said I'd write on Monday, and it is Monday.  This will be short.  My little dog Angie has one side of her face  swollen. She looks like she has a marshmallow in one cheek.   She seemed fine earlier but now has swelled up.  I am taking her to vet at 2:30PM to see what is wrong.  The poor little thing.  She is so sweet and innocent.  She looks at me with those big brown eyes saying  "what is wrong"?
It breaks my heart to see an animal suffer in any way.   We have lost so many good friends in the animal world in the past, which always makes the current one even more precious. 
This little girl is spoiled rotten.  She refuses to come when she is called and if walking, just continues on her way, ignoring us completely.  She will come if called for food, but only in her own timing.  She has a new fun game of running away when we try to pick her up to go for her walk.  She will run up to us as she loves her walk, but then run away and force us to chase her.  She will then go submissive and tremble as we pick her up but she is wiggling her tail.  We could obedience train her and force her to do our bidding, but why is it so important that the human win?  She is only 7 lbs and everything is a little game to her.  She never does anything wrong except maintain her little alpha girl independence.
Just because a pet lives with us does not mean they need to submit their very being to us.  Some think that because the pet (or even child), is different from us that we have to absolutely rule our lives. Even as our God allows us freedom on choice, we should allow the pets who honor us with their presence, the same.  This doesn't mean they should destroy things or bite; there are some rules we all should follow.  This does not mean we should be tyrannical in the homes we share.  Like Srini says when Angie wants an extra treat, "who will give her if we don't?  She can't get her own snack like we do when we are hungry".  I think this says it all.  We restrict their freedom to hunt and get their own goodies so we should honor their little wants and needs.
That is it.  See you guys Friday.