Saturday, November 2, 2013

November is here, near the end of the year again!

I have worked the Rummage sale for 7 days and loved the fellowship and camaraderie.  The results are not too shabby.  About $2100.  for Phoenix mission work.  If you take the people who worked, times the number of hours each worked and divide up the results you come to about .03 cents an hour, but it is all good.(just kidding, but there wasn't a lot of payback in $s for the hours worked.)

On Saturday one of our best friends, who was on a business trip from India to SFO, took a valuable weeks vacation to visit us.  We could not have had more fun.  Srini and he discussed and played guitar, talked martial arts and practical arts like carpentry and aircraft.  He and I talked books and philosophy.  He taught me and a friend about setting up modem and WiFi, Kindle, and Nook, and got my friend on Facebook and email.  Our friend, Arvindar, cooked for and with me, and would not let me lift a finger in work. When we went shopping he carted around my portable oxygen.   He gave us both a number of useful gadgets. Best of all he and another dear friend Madhu, gave me a pair of red Crocs to skip down the yellow brick road in my red Wizard of OZ t-shirt I had received on a previous visit.  Little Toto(or a female version, Angie), and I will go to the Church today for a blessing of the pets, dressed in our colorful outfits.  Angie too has a red t-shirt. 
All in all it has been a fantastic 2 weeks of fellowship and friendship.  Like all good things it must wind down but the wonderful memories are carried forward for years.
Now the next things are Thanksgiving, Priya's wedding, and Christmas.  Lots to look forward to at the end of the year.