Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Ancient Life

I have decided on a title for this little series. "My Ancient Life".
So I'm here again with my thoughts on my life as an older women.  Many of the women I talk to enjoy their lives now.  I think a lot of them in their 70's feel this is all there is and so are not wanting to change, grow, or do too much different.  I guess this is sort of natural but it isn't at all how I feel.  I am interested in so many things and feel I just don't have enough time to pursue them all.  My will to do is strong but the body is weak.
A lot of my activities now center around church but this is because that is where my local friends   were met and mostly hang out.  There is Sunday church, Bible study Tuesday nights, Thursday morning Martha's Circle( a study and craft group), and monthly Woman to Women meetings.  In addition there are the events like Craft and Bake Sale, luncheons and teas and the rummage sale.  It seems like a lot of church activity but it is in mostly women's activities.
If I had not met my friends at church I would most likely be at the Red Hat Society, have Bunco nights, go on outings to galleries and museums etc. In other words I sort of do what my friends do. My most prominent interests are in sharing and being with others and I mostly go along with their interests.  I go where I am invited.
That is sort of sad isn't it.  No, not really when what you are interested in are people.  You can find them everywhere and in all sorts of interest categories.
My most abiding love and interest is in God but I am not talking about it right now. My husband is also an abiding love for over 50 years but I'm not talking about him here either. Or my amimals who I love, have loved and lost, etc.
My personal interests are reading, some TV shows and movies, politics and world events, science, philosophy; and scrap booking, making jewelry, baking, and THE COMPUTER.  I can spend all day just on the computer, but I try not to.  I also love to shop at grocery, home goods and big box stores. I also love to shop on QVC and HSN.  I love magazines as they keep me up on what is happening in the worlds of fashion, celebrities, news and the high life. In magazines you do not have to stop for commercials and ads like on TV or computer.  You can just ignore whatever doesn't interest you.
There is just not time or energy for all my interests and sometimes I really have trouble finding focus among them.  I am so happy I am retired but it was nice when I had more money.
You will notice none of these interests involve sports or physical activity.  I used to love martial arts but I cannot work out anymore.  When you can no longer participate or teach you feel like a 5th wheel.  I was never into team sports but I did like to go on long walks in parks or woods, ride bicycle, go on long drives and see sights, travel to foreign places and countries, etc.  I can no longer do any of these but I can live vicariously through my friend's pictures and word portraits, as well as travel shows on TV.  When I ride in the car for a few hours I can hardly walk and am really done for the day. I enjoy eating out as well, but it is spend y.
So there you have it.  Most of my old age activities.  There are a few more but we will leave them for other posts.