Friday, February 6, 2015

I had a prophetic? dream

I had a dream last night and saw a diorama of Revelations 12:12.  I had gone home to Potsdam and my parents were still alive.  I was helping my mom make her bed and the comforter was much too wide and really misshapen.  I asked her why she had that one and she said it was the only one she could get on sale. Our two bedrooms were connected with a door between and the stairs came up into my bedroom. (This was the same as in my youth.)  My parents had the side bedroom and I had the one at the top of the stairs.
  I went to the door between our rooms and noticed large diorama set into the area between the window and my closet. It was a little stage set all done in dark shadows and grey white ash.  There was a burned building structure covered with grey ash. The structures of the neighboring trees, their trunks and branches were all covered in grey ash.  The landscape was also covered in ash but the underlying structures could be made out of  contrast dark shadow to the white ash.  There was no life in the diorama anywhere.  I said what is this and was answered by a voice saying Revelations 12:12. 
Now, I do not like the book of Revelations and have never read the book completely, only skimmed it..  I have always felt it was an allegorical struggle between the Romans and the Jews and forecast the end of Jerusalem.
I woke up with the words " Revelations 12:12" ringing in my ears.  Since the words are still there and I looked up the verse, I felt I had better write about it.