Tuesday, January 7, 2014

O.K. So you do not like philo/religio thoughts


We will move on to something else.  Need to keep my followers happy and engaged.  Why? Because this is what I do.  At 70 you do not have a lot of energy for challenging new outlets but I damn well am going to keep looking. 
Social media is perplexing isn't it?  You find out things about others you are often better off not knowing. Much of what we learn is useless but amusing.  Some of it is downright unacceptable.  Yet it is the world wide phenomenon of the 21st century.  Everyone who doesn't have a devise, if only a smart phone, is, almost entirely cut off from the rest of the world.  Maybe this is the best way to be but it is too insular for me.
 My dad would have hated social media.  Of course he was mainly interested in himself and his own little pleasures. He would sit in his recliner and watch Vanna White turn the letters and think he was in hog heaven. I am seriously afraid my sister is doing the same thing, but I am not sure if she has a recliner.  I know she is afraid of some of the technology and thinks her secrets might be put out there.  Who cares about secrets when you are over 70.  You know that God knows anyway, and he is the only one who matters once you are dead.  Gloria Vanderbilt sure doesn't worry, and I don't either.  What are you going to do sue me, or arrest me, or defame me, or even ignore me!!! ?  None of it matters much anymore. 
Now if I was a young person, yes, I would worry.  For most people their professional life depends on their image and in only certain fields can you let it all hang. 
Oh, the freedom and joy of the elderly.  For what you have to put up with in pain, limited mobility, and relative poverty you gain in mostly untold advantages.  In the future I might let out even more of our aging secrets.