Friday, September 20, 2013

Gotta get rhythm

I got to get in a rhythm for posting.  We know with me there is no rhyme or reason, but rhythm is necessary for you all to know when to check blog for something.  So I am making a pact with you all to post on Monday and Friday.  Anything on other days will be a bonus.  I do not know who will think it is a bonus, but as Clay Thompson would say, "there you have it". I just love this guy and hope is back to his usual snarky column soon.
I just want to let you all know that I so much appreciate all of you loyal followers.  It is so good to have my crazy voice being heard.
I am posting entirely too much on Face Book.  Mostly sharing things or thoughts I see and love.  Unfortunately every time I share something to my timeline it gets posted on my homepage also and my friends who have no interest in the things I share are going to get angry at me taking up so much room.  Also things stay posted for such a short time that unless you go to my actual timeline you may miss all the profundities.  Such a quagmire this places me in.  To share or not to share.  This is the question.  I will have to see about posting more on Pinterest,  ISO FB.  So this is a short talk as I think about how I handle everything.  Are you not amazed by the problems I create for myself.  I was told in High School, when I took a test to determine what my interests were and what type of job I should train for; that I was too immature to take the test( don't you just love using semi colons).  I had too many diverse interests.  This is still unfortunately true today.  A single minded focus leads to success in one's field of endeavor.  Diverse interests lead for me to a world full of wonder, imagination, love and diversity.  I guess I do not mind so much not being successful.