Monday, September 30, 2013

So What? say

I dreamed about high heels last night and how I used to love them.  I used to wear them 3-4 inches high and absolutely loved my shoes.  I wore them on the subway and on the concrete streets of NYC.  I wore them at work and dancing.  I honestly could not understand when the phase of wearing sneakers and walking shoes on the subway and to work began.
My heels were thin and high and in many different colors.  I had a pair of brown stacked leather heels I loved.  I had spectators, open toed, leather, black patent leather, woven, everything but vinyl or plastic.
I did try Earth Shoes when they first came out, but hated their unglamourous looks.  Later, when my feet first started bothering me I lowered the height of my everyday shoes to 2 inches and wore open toes.  I began to see a podiatrist every six weeks in the 80's.  My insurance paid and I was still a happy camper.  When I left my company, moved and could no longer afford the podiatrist I switched to pair after pair of shoes I thought might be comfortable, but none worked.  By this time I had corns on the top of my hammertoes, corns on the bottom of the ball of my foot and bunions on both feet:  also ingrown toenails.  My feet had callouses and were a real mess and hurt all the time.  It was about this time I started on a collection of Birkenstock.  They were much better but I still couldn't get rid of the corns on the ball of my feet.
Finally, I discovered Crocs, and life has never been the same since.  I love these ugly shoes and own them in many colors to go with my outfits.  I have silver, gold, several pairs of black, 2 pair of sandals, as well as brown, green, and dark green crockskin.  My feet are now comfortable and I can walk again without pain.  Friends of mine have said they would never wear such ugly shoes, but do you think I care? 
As I mentioned at the beginning I have ever had a love affair with shoes.  Now it is pocketbooks.  I collect them but have been trying to restrain myself, and have not bought one in over a year.
In my dream last night it was very real, like a dialogue with shoe designers.  I was telling them that while  people always say women's legs look better in heels it isn't necessarily so.  If you got fat ugly ankles or calves, or god forbid crankles, high heels make you look no better.  Wear long pants and do not worry about it.  Design beautiful flat shoes with wider toe boxes and that women should never wear any kind of heels with long pants or jeans.  It is just silly. If you have lovely long legs guys will notice them in flat shoes, and again, heels are not necessary.
I told this to the designers in my dream but it is up to women to smarten up for themselves.  Think about it!  It is just advertising.  Most cultures didn't show the female leg and those that did had them barefoot in short African, Hawaiian or batik dress.  We do not need to ruin our feet like they did when they bound and deformed the foot for an idea of beauty.