Monday, April 25, 2016

As promised.....

Just siting waiting for my muse..... it does occur to me that while I am most happy when writing it does take a lot of concentrated effort when so many things call for my attention.  Like making out my grocery list, preparing my oatmeal and almond milk for my evening meal of grule, petting the dog, going to the loo, getting more coffee, etc.  Anything to put off putting thoughts and words to digital format.
I lose a lot of time to FB as well as reading the newspaper, and watching the news at noon and 7:00.  I like Brooke Baldwin for lunch and Rachel Maddow for dinner.  For those who watch Fox only these gals are on CNN and MSNBC respectively.  I enjoy these women because they are compassionate, love music, have great insight and an amusing persona. With Rachael I also get historical background which helps me put things in context.
I know we are all supposed to get the same 24 hours every day, but for me they are not enough.   I must have an afternoon nap and I try to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night as they say it is healthier .  I am doing my best to stay as healthy as I can because I do not want the world to lose me too soon. If you have not noticed my style is tongue in cheek you have not checked me out in a photo lately.  That cheek extends out quite a bit most times.
Anyway, back to my time wasters.  I consider making lunch( our main meal of the day), a real pain.  I am sure if it were not for Srini I would exist on various breads and coffee.  I love french baguettes, croissants, bran muffins, you name it....if it is real bread I like to eat it.  On the other hand I eat mainly whole wheat bread because it is healthier and not as addicting.  I do buy good healthy bread though. I would rather skip eating rather than eating something I do not really love.  I have learned to drink my coffee black again and this makes me feel very virtuous.
So lunch is a definite time waster as are my hobbies like shopping for stuff I do not need and watching QVC and HSN.  These mostly to get me to sleep by turning my mind off.  I have other hobbies like reading 10-15 magazines a month, books, and of course my daily devotions.  I like to think I do prayer beads, scrap-booking, and photo organizing but these worthy tasks are mostly on the back burner 'cause I get too caught up with trivia.
An eclectic mind is a terrible thing to waste but waste it I do.. Oh and I also attempt to pray continuously but You can guess how successful that
If I am not going to waste any more of my day on these trivial thoughts I had better get busy.  I thought It might be nice for you to get to know me a bit before I put more of myself out there for the world to see.