Wednesday, June 15, 2016

It's all about the bass?

When did this fascination about asses begin?   When I was a kid the only asses we talked about were jackasses. Guys don"t make passes at girls with big asses. Oh, for the good old days.  Now the Booty is the thing.  No one cares anymore about breasts or lips, or legs.  Every girl now wants a big bum and every guy seems to only notice the hind side of a woman
Where did it all begin?  I think the beginnings go back far into human history.  Consider the baboons and monkeys with bright red bottoms to make them sexually attractive to their mates.  Can humans do any less?
Beyonce', Rihanna, Jenny from the block, Lopez and the Kardashians,  all exemplify the big ass boom, but they didn't start it. Three of them were most likely born with the feminine pulchritude they carry but then enhanced what is natural more with tight and suggestive clothing. I have no idea where Kim got her booty but I am willing to bet it ain't natural
Everywhere we look we are finding dresses and skirts with stretchable fabric that cups the buttocks and makes women look like they have balloons tucked in their skirts or pants.  Gently rounded curves are replaced by caricatures of bulbous comic book women.  Girls are getting collegian injections and fat injections and padded underwear to try to fit into the craze.
It is so sad we cannot accept the way we are individually and wonderfully made, We need to be role models for young girls  and do the best we are able to keep our bodies fit and active.  We need to tell them unnaturally big butts can lead to sway back and other back issues that no one finds attractive.  We need to tell out young men, not to gawk and make fun of  women with excessive anything.  Consider the whole package of femininity, physical and mental and not to be so attracted to image as opposed to substance.
Girls will be girls and boys will be boys.  However as a society we should be more judicious of the trends we get caught up in.
If you think these are the opinions of an ancient ugly woman you would be right, but who cares.  I am what I is for all time.