Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Marriages-circa 1963/64

Srini got me a diamond when we were engaged, one month after we met.  It was a surprise to me, but he wanted me to have what every other American girl had when they were engaged.  We eloped in NYC, two months later.  No wedding dress, no fluff.  Just Srini and 2 witnesses and the Methodist pastor.  Had renewing of the vows again in upstate NY, for my Mom and Dad because the date had been set before we eloped.  Mom didn't want everyone to think I got married because I was pregnant(remember this was 1963).  Got married again.  Again, no fluff, no Wedding dress.  I did wear a blue suit and heels.  We had dinner in a restaurant then our family went bowling and Srini and I went to a motel.  No one knew it wasn't out first wedding.  I think there were 14 people including 4 kids, total at my second wedding.  My third wedding was in India when we visited his parents the first time.  They had a Hindu Priest come in, vows and prayers were exchanged, I wore a Sari and was presented with my marriage necklace of gold and black beads and thali.  I was truly married but never pregnant.  I loved my wedding ring and wedding necklace.  My diamond, not quite so much.  I had to keep it in the safe deposit box most of the time.  I am like Eileen in that I don't like things I have to worry about losing.  On the other hand I am unlike Eileen in that I love jewelry.  I am like a magpie, attracted to bright sparkly stuff.  I have always loved stones.  I have collected them from driveways, fields, anywhere really, and from every place I have visit.  Simple stones and rocks I always have around me. So enough about my materialistic ways.  I have changed so much over the years and I am still evolving.  I never wanted nunchucks, but I love knives and swords and jo s.  My three happiest moments were when I married Srini, graduated from college, and received my black belt in Kazi Arashi Ryu.