Sunday, June 9, 2013

Reflections on Dog, dog gone it

Sorry, I am behind again.  I just have to stop worrying about if you will miss me.  I miss you all and you don't worry.LOL
It is just too damned hot to go outside now and yet I have had to the past 4 days.  Angie had to go to the Pet Salon for her beauty spa treatment today.  She always looks the same after, as she did before, except her nails have been clipped.  She screams when I try to do her nails and the scream is worse than any terrified child. I am too soft.  I cannot take it.  I always knew I would make a rotten mother. So, I have given up and take her where she meekly submits to the professionals.  She was so happy to see me when I picked her up that she hasn't left my side. 
Animals always seem so vulnerable and trusting to me.  Even the very large and wild ones.  The videos which keep coming on are breaking our hearts.  Especially the one's about mixed relationships.  Especially the ones involving dogs.  Dog with ape, cat with dog, fawn with dog, elephant with dog, dog saving dog, dog mourning man or woman.  Notice the most common element to these relationships is dog to: being.
Dog spelled backwards is God.  We all know this but it doesn't always hit us. 
Well, it is hitting me now.  I love God and I love Dog.  The dog less than God because the dog is finite, littler, and less powerful.  God is Infinite, Absolute Power and Eternal.  God is Love, but the little dog's love, and I cannot imagine a purer or more selfless love.  I can only imagine the love of God but I can feel absolute love expressed through a dog. 
I know I love and am loved by humans differently than by animals.  It is complex, never simple or clear.  I believe love cannot be separated or broken down.  You cannot love one person more than another.  You cannot love Spouse more than Mother, for example.  There is only love.  It either is or it isn't.  With human love for one another, however, there is a lot more baggage in addition to the love which we feel, and which is eternal.  There is our free will, our conscious, our needs and desires, our hopes and our dreams, and our guilt's and sorrows, missed opportunities,  and our nasty little secrets. 
These all muddy up the water of the stream of pure love towards and between humans.
Jesus said "I am the living water", and we know that water can only be pure and crystal clean.
If we could only let ourselves love God and others with the simple and pure love that both God and dog love us, we would inherit the key to eternal love, and beauty and truth.