Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I don't know what to say about Boston so i'll say it anyway!

I'm calling on my muse today as the news is leaving me down, feeling less than positive about my human family.  I do not feel like writing this AM but I will because I must. It isn't so much the deaths because the one who dies has no more problems.  It is the family and friends who grieve and forever wonder why.  I believe God takes the best, it is we who still have a lot of work to do who are left to suffer the aftermath.
I mourn the wounded and the bereaved and our shell shocked citizenry.  Every day of their lives from now on will bear the deep wounds of loss of limbs, loss of health, loss of loved ones, loss of dreams, and loss of innocence.  Horrific situations, as we only too well know, happen worldwide every day. There are daily headlines in newspapers and on the web from the farthest reaches of earth, of violence and mayhem and natural disasters.
Why are we even surprised or shaken by just one more event in Boston?  I think we are shaken because of the magnitude of people here for the marathon, both those running and those observers.   and of course the instant coverage due to the influx of news people and networks following the marathon.  Another sporting tradition has been shaken by violence and it reminds one of the bombings of the Olympics in both Germany in 1972 and Atlanta in 1996.
Look to the left and then to the right.  Remember is school we learned how two out of five of us would fart in the next 10 minutes, or some other such statistical nonsense.  Well, we each could become a victim of violent acts in our lifetime and so could our family members and friends.  Each of us is connected to life by a very thin fragile golden thread.  Gossamer like a spider dangling from his own thread as he moves around his world building his web.  This thread can be severed at any moment and life itself is so infinitely precious.  We must constantly be prepared for both mayhem and death; and we must appreciate what we have while we have it. Sure there will be news and stories and punditry, and world leaders will all give their seasoned and reasoned input. 
The one thing I hope and pray each of us takes away from the world  and national events is to live each day as if it counts.  As the Master has said:
 Love one another as I have loved you. By this shall all men know that you are my disciples if you have love one toward another.