Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Politically incorrect?

Should we always worry we will not be loved if we say what we feel?  Have you ever said or written something which you mean in general but do not mean specifically when it comes to relatives or friends?  You say it, then immediately think, I wish I could take that back.  I do not mean it when it applies to so and so.  Well, I do this all the time.
How are we to handle these awkward moments when what we believe is so far away from what someone whom we love believes?  On the other hand often the one we are concerned about has no such concern for our sensibilities.  It is a quandary isn't it?
We tie ourselves up in knots being politically correct and trying not to offend anyone, that often the one we offend by omission, is  OURSELVES.  I remember back in the day when Grandpa or Daddy would say exactly how they felt or what they believed and we would just keep our mouths shut or say he is just a stupid or ignorant old man, and just let it go. Age should have some privilege's and I am now 70.(or soon will be) I should be able to say what I think and mean what I say without being hated forever, or not being talked to.     
What is it about our time which is so incendiary and what makes it so difficult to love each other when we disagree?  We used to say let us agree to disagree.  Now we think, I shouldn't let them know I disagree or they will be angry. 
I say so what and damn the torpedoes.  In a world where bombs explode around civic events, ricin is sent to our president, and the f- bomb proliferates, I think an old lady can certainly express her opinion and not worry about offending those near and dear.
So I will speak out and say what I feel.  I have no desire to hurt anyone else but perhaps if enough people know there are those who are willing to speak up for the other side, no matter what the other side is, then perhaps we can be more accepting of each other in general.  Live and let live, agree to disagree, let all voices be heard and don't be afraid.  This is what the 1st amendment is all about.  It isn't just to allow a voice for porn or madmen.
The only people we should worry about hurting the feelings of, are those who cannot stand up for or defend themselves, like babies, children, and persons with different abilities.
PooBah has spoken!!!