Wednesday, May 1, 2013

To be or not to be good or evil-Is either real.

It has all been said before.  Why do I keep regurgitating the same material?  Who cares what I think and does it mean anything to anyone?  I sit down this morning awaiting my muse. I wonder why I bother.  Can what I say or think ever make a difference to anyone or should I still be sleeping?  It is so hard to know if what one does makes a difference to anyone.   Is it only to myself and my ego that I reach out  each morning?  What if the voice is silenced forever?  Would anyone even care?   Why is it that the questions are so much easier than the answers?
Evil keeps marching in a relentless surge forward.  It never stops.  Sometimes it regroups but then off it goes again.  Some people think there is no real evil.  It is to them just the absence of good.  Everything is on a graded scale.  A is the best anyone can be-God, or whatever.  Everything then proceeds from there, lower and farther from the ideal, until finally one reaches Z or absolute evil.  But for these thinkers there are no real absolutes.  Just shades and shades of gray, and we know where that leads.  Are there really just shades or degrees of good and evil? 
We measure the perfect red, shiny, sweet, crunchy apple high on the tree against the wrinkled, brown rotten apple, full of decay and worms, lying forlornly on the ground.  Yet the diseased apple feeds someone or something.  Birds peck at it.  Ants roll over it and take home tiny bites of it.  Maggots invade the decaying tissue, and bacteria thrive.  Life benefits from even the most diseased and debased life forms.  The Circle of Life and all that. 
So, is there no absolute Good or Evil?  Are God and the Devil just allegory and metaphor for processes we just do not yet understand?   Many brilliant minds believe this.
I, however,have a hard time believing this even while reason appeals to me. 
I have experienced goodness and joy and love.  I have faced evil and looked into its mad and desolate being.  I cannot reason it or explain it, but I know in my own being the differences are real.   Even as I write this I keep getting this warning at the top of my page: (an error occurred while you are trying to save or publish this,  Do you want to ignore or keep trying?)
Why am I getting this warning?  I believe there are no accidents.  Is something tying to stop this from getting out?  No, it can't be, this is just my fantasy.  Then why is an ugly, huge black house fly busing around my keyboard?  All I am saying is that God in his Glory and Evil in it's demented state are real.  Do not take either for granted.  I cannot prove it rationally but I do accept it on Faith and in the core of my very Being, or for lack of a better word Soul.