Sunday, May 26, 2013

Odd thoughts on mental health

I just finished reading the some of the blog,  It is the blog of an autistic boy who has learned to communicate through writing.  He is brilliant and his thoughts are fascinating.  He now has a book he has written on Amazon.  I bring him up not only because he deserves recognition, and because he can teach us all so much about what those who are locked in feel and experience; but also because so often what appears normal is often abnormal and what is called defective often isn't. 
I have been thinking a lot lately about apparently normal people who are going off the deep end all around us and we just pass it off.  I'm thinking Jody Arias and her dead lover and the secret life they were involved with and their family and friends not knowing.  The  two radical terrorist's who hacked up a British drummer soldier in England.  Since guns are not available in England they used a meat cleaver and knives.  If they were in the States with AK47s they could have taken out a whole Band and then some. The mad motivation is the same however.  People become radicalized because of events, thoughts and situations they cannot deal with in their own lives.  Their internal world becomes fixated on a single solution and they can draw others into their madness, by sharing their vision.  Reality becomes reduced to black and white, simple to understand concepts, that can be dealt with by simple actions or solutions. I.E.:
Our lives are shitty in our neighborhood or country and we don't know how to deal with complex solutions so "kill the infidel".
My mother is mean, nasty and has power over me so I will rape and torture other girls or women that I can have power and control over.
My father abused me when I was young so I will use my femininity to punish other men who find me interesting and attractive; or I will keep putting myself in abusive situations because I am worthless and deserve it.
I cannot be comfortable with thoughts and ideas which have mysteries or are perplexing or contradictory, so I will follow a simple set of rules which allow no contradictions and I will achieve happiness. 
I can think of a thousand examples which will just repeat my same theme.  The internal world of  normal appearing persons can be mad and contain great evil, while the internal worlds of so called mentally ill people who might be labeled bipolar, schizophrenic, autistic,  etc. are caused by chemical and over stimulated nervous systems rather defective personalities.  Being locked into the mind beats acting out hostile and deadly thoughts towards others.
So now you have some oversimplified and most likely very naive rambling thoughts on a Sunday morning.