Thursday, May 2, 2013

Angie, the Chihuahua

I want a cat named Musette.  My friend had one who recently died.  It is a beautiful name but more than that, the little cat was a lovely little being.  She was gentle and loving.  Not like my Angie, who got her name before I got her.  If I were to name her it would be spoiled.  She is such a little JAP.  This stands for Just A Princess.  No, but seriously there is no one like my little Angie.
Angie always takes the high road.  She loves to sit on top of pillows or the backs of couches or chairs if they are wide enough.  She weighs between 6 and 7 lbs of lean mean doggie machine.  Not really mean but very willful.  She will not come when called.  She simply refuses.  She does everything strictly on her own terms.  She will come if she hears a bag of food opening, but of course this is her choice, not mine.  If I am napping on the sofa when it is time for her to be fed( like all animals she has a built in Rolex watch, which keeps time to the second), she will sit either on the top of the sofa or on my chest and woof at me.  She is very demanding in this and  the expression on her face and her body language is so funny I just giggle.  I have tried to catch these antics on the video portion of my camera but since dropping the camera on my face and causing a bruised mouth, I have given up.
She sleeps most of the day, after her morning walk, on her green velour pillow.  Getting her going for her walk is another fun filled time.  She will jump down from the couch when she sees we have her little leash and harness.  She will come and dance around our feet but when we bend to pick her up she runs away.  She will run 10-15 feet, stop and then wiggle and shake until one of us picks her up.  She has to have this little ritual of being forced to take a walk. 
Angie is a Chihuahua who was actually born in Chihuahua, Mexico.  I have her vaccination certificate in Spanish to prove it.  We are pretty sure she is an illegal alien because my friend bought her out of the back of a truck with Mexican license plates. We think she barks with a Spanish accent but it is a little hard to tell.  Her senses of hearing, sight and smell are all incredible.  We can't get away with hiding anything from her.  If I have a salted peanut in my hand she can tell from a room away.  She is a very good little watchdog and takes her duty very seriously.  She only barks if there is someone really there and very quickly calms down if it is a known friend. She will come to bed to sleep sometimes, but only at her fancy.  She will insist on burrowing under the covers with her tail facing to me and will rarely stay for the full night.  She likes to get petted and will turn on her back under the covers so I can gently pet her little belly.  Almost as soon as I fall asleep she leaves me for her pillow on the sofa. I like to think she is putting me to sleep.
Angie is a Service Dog and I have a prescription from my Dr. for her.  What service does she perform you ask?  Well  she really does help keep me calm and centered when I have breathing problems.  Holding her, or having her near me to worry about keeps the focus off me and on her.  She is a companion and a comfort and a dear little being who is my best animal friend.  Through her I can show my love for all the animal kingdom and she is a very good representative.  Independent and free, but loving and sweet.  She is our good companion and it is a privilege to share a home with her.