Thursday, May 9, 2013

I'm just sayin

The news is a buzz with Jody Arias, the Cleveland rescue of 4 girls/women, Benghazi, Israel's air strikes and a few lesser evils.  It is all so sensational one stays riveted to the news as the facts don't change but hopes for more information, just keep on building.  I'm a news junkie and I have admitted it before.  Even when absolutely nothing is happening I watch the weather channel with baited breath waiting for something.  I guess I am waiting for the Apocalypse or worse.  It all began with the JFK assignation, then Martin, then Robert.  I was glued to the TV and hooked.  Later came Vietnam, the first really televised war, and then the Watergate hearings, and a war of a different kind.  The theater of the absurd then moved to the Clarence Thomas hearings.  Then the Clinton/Lewinsky farce was a real attraction for me.  I was drawn in again by the death of Princess Diana.  Then the nature tragedies really got me hooked. The Tsunami, Katrina, Haiti, Japan, Sandy, etc.  Who could ever look away from Jim Jones in Guyana, Waco,  9/11, the mad mass shootings from Columbine to Sandy Hook.  Always the politicians ranting and the pundents , pundecating.  How can I ever look away from such everyday fascinating and riveting news.  I know some people who never listen to radio or TV, or read magazines or newspapers.  They always seem to be somewhat aware of what is going on through social babble.  They do not have the true, muddied, garbage picture like I do.  My picture changes constantly as new information is updated.  As I am riveted I think I become an authority on who, what and where and I know the truth about the motive. NOT.!
I really do not know anymore than anyone else.  I just know what my liberal bias tells me about who to believe and my favorite correspondent' s theory. 
So what to do?  Be ignorant, get my news headlines from AOL or Yahoo.  Tune into alternate Internet sites, or just tune out completely. 
This is very serious because it really matters to me.  Like my plan when I get to heaven is to sit at the feet of the Most Holy and for eternity ask the questions I have always had and get the real answers, the real truth, the true scoop.  I have to KNOW.  If the True and unending Spirit won't tell me, who will.
So I think being a news junkie is all leading up to this, my final bid for Knowledge and Truth, Heaven only knows and I cannot wait to find out.  Keep turned in to me as I do for you and perhaps we will all be a little wiser for the final day.