Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date

I really am late.  I think I forgot to show up for parts of life and am just trying to catch up.  There are so many things I thought I would have more time to do.  I wanted to own a horse property with at least several horses.  I wanted to have more dogs and cats, though I have treasured each one I have known and loved.  I wanted to travel to more places and even while I cannot breathe well,  Paris and Ireland are still on my bucket list.  They might permanently put me in a bucket if I ever try to travel there now.
I wanted to write.  Although this little blog is inconsequential to most it may be the best I am ever able to do.  Once a long time ago I thought I would like to adopt a child. For many reasons I never did and now find it is most likely best that I didn't.  I wanted to have great friendships that would last forever.  Well, I had many that did not last, and those that did have changed considerably from what I had hoped they would become.  My husband Srini and my friend Eileen have not changed .  They are authentically who they are through all the minor and major vagaries of life.  For this I am profoundly grateful. Some things and people should never fundamentally change because they are just too good as they are.
I find I really do have a lot more to say about many subjects I have touched on here, but I really am late.  I must go to a meeting with destiny, or some such, right now.  More later.