Friday, May 10, 2013

Are you following me?

Have you walked down the street and been sure someone is following you?  It used to happen to me in NYC.  Sometimes it was true and sometimes I think it was wishful thinking.(just kidding).  No, I have been followed on the street and it can be a very scary sensation.  First, your not sure and think you are imagining things.  Then you realize it is for real and you must decide what to do.  Once in NYC I knew two apartment buildings, which were on two parallel blocks, were connected by a tunnel.  To escape my follower I went in one building, sent the elevator to the 6th floor, took the stairs to the basement, and scurried through the tunnel to the other apt. bldg.. and from there went out on the street.    I was shaking like crazy and couldn't believe it had worked.  I ran to my apt. bldg. which was on the same block as the second bldg.  There is actually more to this little tale but it doesn't detract from the fact that I escaped from the situation by keeping my cool and using my wits.
There are times I went into stores and restaurants when I thought I was followed and I was the type who kept my keys in my hand so I could get into a car or a home quickly.  Once when I was studying martial arts I was walking to  the school on a very crowded street.  I felt someone behind me and then felt the strap of my handbag being pulled from the rear.  I spun around with my hands raised in a fighting stance only to confront Ralph, one of the black belts and worst practical joker in the school.  He of course stepped back quickly and said "don't hit me", laughing.  I wanted to punch him in the face so badly but restrained myself. 
Yes, being followed is a scary thing, unless you have a blog and wanted to be followed.  I eagerly check the stats every day to see how many people have logged on to my blog and what countries they are from.  I don't know how accurate the stats are but I seem to have had people read my blog from USA, So.Korea, Germany, India, Canada, and surprisingly a steady flow of readers from Russia.  I would really like to know who my readers are but only 2 people, who I love, ever comment on FB and a few have spoken to me in person. Please come out of the darkness of Internet privacy and let me know who is following my blog.  I wish it were easier to comment here, but since it isn't, you can use face book or send me an email.  Thanks guys, I would prefer to know my followers.