Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mis-understood communications-social media

One can cast aspersions or doubts with a few words or a simple sentence. It  can take a lifetime and hundreds of pages to only begin to dispel a false accusation. Why is that?  Are we so full of doubt (or doubtful) that any slight slander will permanently alter our opinions?   (IE.  where there is smoke there is fire?)
Phooey.  In social media, the one who casts the first stone, if only a pebble, is guilty of slander and gross negligence for his cowardly behavior, if he doesn't leave his name and credentials. Slander because without solid credentials the biting remarks are only that.  Gross negligence because one cannot tell the state of mind or circumstances surrounding the person or circumstance being commentated on, and the comments could cause  unintended harm.  Witness the one's who commit suicide after social media bullying. Witness those whose reputations are ruined by innuendos and half truths. 
More than for the person or situation being critiqued by the unknown detractor, I am concerned for the person who lacks the guts to make a statement in his or her own name, and who hides behind the authority of an open comments section.  (I, myself, welcome comments for they can point out errors and aid in growth.  Comments made to insult, belittle and degrade are not welcome.  They not only deny growth but also demean the party who has placed his heart and soul out there, under his own name, to provide a service or perhaps lend insight to others. This is harmful to the one commented on and might limit their ability to keep striving.)   My concern for the commentator is that he or she has most likely never taken any risks.  They do not even dare to say their name.  They do not claim their comments and they hide behind anonymity.  Thus, they are not sure at all that what they say has any merit.  They are afraid to confront directly or to carry on a dialogue which might be helpful to both parties. They are also afraid of repercussion's. In other words their comments have no worth or value even to themselves and are given in a spirit of spitefulness and lack of self worth.
I think I have said enough of this subject.  If you are led to comment on the work or way of another please do not hide,  Speak your name and ideas proudly and you might be surprised by the positive results you obtain.