Monday, April 22, 2013

I Pray on Earth Day

What does Earth Day mean to me and why do I pray for our little blue planet?  I admit it, I am a tree hugger.  Each time I see a tree taken down in my neighborhood, even if it wasn't looking too pretty anymore, I mourn.  I am not going into all the arguments about how the planet is rapidly changing due to the myriad effects of so called civilization. I'll leave all the reasoning to the scientific community and the bullshit in both directions to the politicians.
What concerns me is my empathy for the creator's various life forms.  Our planet is made up of infinitely diverse creatures.  In the water, on land and even in the very air we breathe,
I admit it I cannot kill even a spider or a cricket.  I trap them and place them outside.  I have less problem with ants, mosquitoes and black flies but only because they are attacking or harming my being or invading my personal spaces.  Everyone has a home they want to protect from invaders.  Even bees and crackles defend their little territory.
Nature, flora and fauna, is so innocent and so deserving of our love and protection.  Imagine a world with no dandelions with the puffy, round little heads which are blown in the wind to spread their seeds for the next generation?  We try so hard to destroy them when they invade out lawns.
Imagine a world with no baby seals or dolphin. or even tuna or sharks?  The incredible universe exhibited on our little planet alone, has provided for all our needs for untold generations.  When a species is no longer needed it either dies out or evolves to a more useful life form. 
I saw a picture yesterday of a man holding baby radishes and carrots he had pulled from his garden.  My first thought was why couldn't he have waited until it was their time.  Call me a hopeless romantic, call me a hypocrite because I eat dead things every day.  You might say what is the difference between eating a potato or a chicken?  I would answer the chicken is a more advanced life form.  It can feel and sense it's environment in ways a potato or a carrot cannot.  I do know that plants scream or react when plucked and I am of the mindset that talking to plants helps them grow.  Vibrations of life are everywhere on the planet. I simply choose to limit my munchings to the less sentient  varieties of life.  I am not opposed to drinking milk or using dairy or eggs but I am very concerned with how the animals used for this purpose live out their days.  I am totally in favor of humane farming, like in the good old days.  Cows used to head to the barn to be milked because they enjoyed it and it was such a relief.  Compare that to living your days in a stall 3 by 8 foot and permanently hooked up to a milking machine.  We do things the Lord never intended. Just because it can be, doesn't mean it should be, or has to be. 
I want a gentler, kinder, world where we live in harmony with all our fellow creatures.  This is what I pray for on Earth Day.