Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Price of Meds

Why oh why are my med costs so high?  Oh what is my government doing?
With seniors so many and poor folks galoor, who is it we needs be pursuing.
I'm sick of the talk of development costs, and the safety with which we dispense,
Whatever they're costs,  their profits are boss, and ad.time the most high expense.

I'm tired of rhyming and I'm just upset, the thought of the donut hole(Dough nut hole, get it?) looms for me and countless others of my countrymen, and few care about it, until they live it.   Other countries have the same research and development expenses( or are you naive enough to think the research is done here in this country?) All the largest pharmaceutical houses are overseas in Europe and Asia and the manufacturing of the drugs is done, where?
 I am tired of the bloviating and excuses.  If Canada can have lower costs for the same drugs, why can't we?  Don't even talk about Federal inspections  of drugs and facilities after the fiasco over the knee injection drugs manufactured in New England, and the sequester and budget cuts which will bring Federal inspections of drugs and food  to a basic halt. 
Oh., I am angry this morning and all my facts may not be straight but I don't care, neither are theirs. They feed the American people a pack of lies and excuses and we all kneel to the power of the lobbies.  When will we begin to stand up for ourselves?