Thursday, April 18, 2013

Feynman and a few other thoughts.

I have to mention how I loooooooove Richard Phillips Feynman.  He is the best and most lucid physicist I have never understood.  You may not realize that philosophy and metaphysics are tightly tied to physics.  In my long lost youth I studied physics reasoning's in my philosophy classes under Harvey, and later pursued articles and books written by physicist's like Steven Hawkins and Feynman as well as articles in magazines which updated for the layman the latest thoughts in string theory, M-theory, Big Bang, parallel universes, and higgs bosen.
In seventh grade when we were introduced to nuclear physics and I learned about atoms, neutrons and electrons I decided I had never heard anything so fascinating and decided I wanted to be a nuclear physicist.  As soon as I learned one had to become proficient in math I promptly changed my career direction to horse trainer.
All in all I have had a love affair or should I say a one night stand, with physics, and realize I must get Feynman's books out of the library, I'm talking his easy books, and reread them.