Monday, April 15, 2013

Just don't know?

Woke up this AM with desire to  blog but have no preconceived idea of what.  Decided to go with the flow.  Do you ever find what you write or say has nothing to do with what you might have planned.  I call this my Muse.  One of many I might add. It is often when I think too much that I get in trouble.  I worry about how I might appear or what others might think.  Does this ever go away?  You would think at my age I could just let all that go, but no.  It still lingers in the back waters of consciousness telling me, not good enough.  Thank Heaven for other stronger voices who tell me just do it anyway.  I am tempted to call out my mental advisories but think that might be a little dangerous.  What lurks in the mud and slime should just stay there until it is all replaced by the sparkling Living Water. 
I so love all the creatures and living things in God's creation.  I cannot get enough of the harmony of the Universe. The Grace this little spot in the universe affords me is my true home on earth.  I am so thankful for it, and all of the wondrous beings who inhabit my place in my home.  I do not have to travel far to see you all.  My friends of the heart and mind and soul.  I call out to all of you, you know who you are.  What you do not know is what you mean in my life.  I am so grateful for the Internet, Skype, Facebook, Google, and the great minds who created these sites and the hard and software to run them.  I have felt for a long time that God is like the most high in the cloud of ether, above and surrounding and in the universe. When we pray it is like logging on and sending our emails.  They say the next advance in Devices will be to have an inplant in our heads with which we can communicate instantaneously with others; or log in to discover the wisdom of the ages.  I am suggesting we have said inplant already and the soul is the vehicle to reach the outer region.  We just have to be guided in how to use it properly and within the bounds of Truth, Justice and Compassion. For these reasons I follow Jesus and try to learn what He would have me do. He said he would send the Holy Spirit to reside with us, and I believe He has.