Thursday, April 11, 2013

musings from 2001

2001- CHAOS BY James Gleick-p.251

“On a philosophical level, it struck me as an operational way to define free will, in a way that allowed you to reconcile free will with determinism.  The system is determinestic but you can’t say what it is going to do next.”

2001-Why do we have to assume that the more complex came from the simple?, as in Big Bang, hydrogen atom to complex diverse universe.

If we assume eternity and no real time space then we could postulate cause was the most complex, infinite complete model.  We could then work back logically to the smallest simple component, i.e... Hydrogen atom, whatever, and that doesn’t mean it caused the final complete effect.  We have just identified it to a finite item.  Perhaps the most complex could be the most simple.  Because we see growth and development in time we assume it holds true for infinite reality.