Friday, April 19, 2013

One Down, Is it Enough?

They got one of them!!!
It is really good to find out how well our trained local forces can work in emergency situations.  Our Police, Firefighters, State Troopers, all local Law Enforcement Agencies and the FBI are working and have worked together with the Public to bring one of the bombing perpetrators to justice and are close on the tail of the other one.  Is this an awesome country or what? When you ask people for help you get it. 
It is not political and justice is served when we all work together for the Public Good.
So sorry but this just isn't enough.
How sad and telling that in other areas the Public Good and interests be durned, Large Corporations and the Gun Lobby will have their way and the Public vote, polls, and opinion be ignored. On The other sides of the Marathon bombing story, are the Gun Background check vote in the Senate and the Fertilizer Plant Explosion in Texas.  Were you aware that upwards of 90% of our people support background checks before gun sales, and the last time OSHA inspected the fertilizer plant was in 1985.  OSHA as you may or may not be aware is responsible for safety of the American Working stiffs.  This agency has been unpopular and lacked staffing and funding since Unions began to be discredited in the 1980's. Unfortunately even more Govt Agencies will be understaffed or closed with the Sequester and other huge budget cuts on the horizon.
Watchdog agencies, Police, fire and other Protective services are consistently being cut and if we are not very careful we will be cut out of our proud status of the Greatest, Best and most Generous Country in the World.  We all know all this but we are lethargic in our responses.

P.S.  I have capitalized throughout the above for emphasis.